Translating Sensitive Data
in a Regulated Context

Issues and Solutions

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Translating Sensitive Data in a regulated context: issues and solutions explained in this E-Book

With digital access available to everyone, secure sensitive data translations is at the heart of business challenges. 
Even more so in the face of the many regulations that govern their use.
But how do we guarantee compliance? What are the solutions for secure translation? 
Our experts provide in-depth answers to these questions in a white paper.
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Secure sensitive data translation is complex, especially when the risks associated with it 
are often ignored or underestimated. 
Examples include Shadow IT, cybercrime, and 
data leakage. 
But what are the solutions for secure translation?

Secure machine translation (24/7 monitoring, SIEM technology, encrypted data ...)

Cloud solutions (flexibility, encrypted data, periodic vulnerability assesments, ...)

On-Premise software (respect of geographical constraints of data storage, API integrated in the company's information system, software easily included on all internal tools/applications ...)

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«While translation quality is essential for working in highly sensitive sectors, our first priority was security. We were looking for a suitable tool aligned with the GDPR and compliant with all European laws regarding the protection of personal data. In our business, this is non-negotiable!»
Deepesh Bakhru
Associate General Manager at Tata Consultancy Services