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AI-Based Translation Server for advanced Machine Translation

SYSTRAN translate version 10 is the new release of SYSTRAN Translation Server solution. With a new user experience, better translation quality, enhanced performance and security plus the new speech-to-text (STT) translation module, this is a must-have for any organization.

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and growth potential with our cutting-edge tools and features.

It's time to take your business global like never before!

While the V10 incorporates some technological innovations, its main aim is to improve productivity and facilitate the usage and precision of the solution: advanced customization features, multiple access points to our translator from main daily professional tools, secure and performant deployments.

Better Translation Quality


Thanks to the adoption of Neural Fuzzy Adaptation (NFA), a smart new technology that enhances machine translation by adapting outputs to your needs in real time, Version 10 goes beyond all previous iterations, providing an even closer level of accuracy to human quality. Other upgrade features include:

  • Choose from a variety of languages directly from the language selector

  • Tailor your formality choice easily to ensure your messages strike the right chord for your audience

  • Dramatically increase quality with a richer vocabulary of interactive translation alternatives.


New User Experience


Version 10 brings a brand-new user interface, designed to provide an intuitive and seamless experience. These changes include:

    • Streamlined navigation

    • A smoother workflow, ensuring your tasks are more manageable and your productivity is maximized

    • A fresh, modern translate experience, ensuring a more immersive and user-centric translation journey


Enhanced Performance & Security


This new version enables administrators to adopt SYSTRAN and experience enhanced performance, modern design elements and increased functionality. Features include: 

    • New neural engines enable maximized translation quality and throughput thanks to improved performance and larger language models.

    • Full compatibility with Enterprise Distribution of Linux for highly secure and stable production environments on-premises.

    • Maximum security with non-root and container-less deployments.

New Speech Translation


The new Speech to Text feature expands communication dimensions with voice transcription and translation (audio/video). Convert spoken content into easily shareable and editable .txt files for subtitles, and seamlessly bridge multimedia language gaps, especially with marketing, internal or training content.

01 - Speech to text transcription