Model Studio 

Easy, Quick and Customized Translation Model Training

Are you looking for Machine Translation that is tailored to your industry and company jargon? Watch our webinar and learn all about SYSTRAN Model Studio, our solution designed for you to create your translation models with your own data!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to easily build customized translation models for specific types of content
  • What's behind SYSTRAN Model Studio's automated data preprocessing, training and evaluation
  • What results to expect in terms of BLUE score quality improvement

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Webinar Speakers

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Guersande Chaminade


Guersande joined SYSTRAN in 2018 as a Natural Language Processing Engineer in the linguistics team, in charge of  translation model training.


She has a background in discourse analysis and computational linguistics. Her interest in functional and product aspects at SYSTRAN naturally led her to become  Product Owner of ModelStudio. 

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Stéphanie Labroue


Stéphanie joined SYSTRAN in 2011 as Technical Account Manager, supporting prospects and customers in their MT project.


Before joining SYSTRAN, Stéphanie successfully implemented MT solutions to increase productivity, reduce time-to-market and maximize profits, working as a Business Unit Manager at Lionbridge. Today, Stéphanie trains customers to maximize the benefits drawn from SYSTRAN’s solutions.

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